The Frog Princess (me!) is just a not-so-average, imperfect, complicated woman who loves the Lord and wants to make a difference in the lives of women.

Can I start by saying that it’s tough being a Christian + woman?  It’s hard trying to strike the balance between embracing femininity and godliness, being real & true, being your sassy self and not having people say “well that’s not how a good Christian woman should act!”.  Can you tell I’m drawing on personal experience here?

This blog is a chronicle of my life as a not-so-typical Christian woman.  I promise to keep it real and honest – by sharing, the good, the bad, and the sometimes cray-cray moments (hey, we all have ’em!) all while loving the God who embraces my imperfections and finds beauty in them. 

I hope my words/musings/diary entries let you know that you’re not alone/insane/unworthy – and most of all encourage and uplift you.  Know that God loves you exactly as you are and also for the you that He sees you can become.

All my love,

The Frog Princess


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