This year I have learned…

  • how to take rebuke & correction
  • how to reject rebuke & correction
  • which friendships I should invest in
  • which friendships i need to let go of
  • how to set boundaries with my family
  • how to say I’m sorry
  • how to be friends with men
  • to love myself
  • to believe I’m beautiful
  • how to act on a date
  • that holding hands with a man is *kilig* *squeal* *dreamy sigh*
  • how to run
  • how not to care about what people think while I am running like a dying sea lion
  • how not to care about what people think. FULL STOP.
  • how to sing my heart out and act a fool – from the heart
  • that I can be an extrovert
  • that I can speak my mind
  • to forgive and let things go without talking it to death
  • how to do quiet time
  • the importance of quiet time
  • to love God more
  • to make no excuses for being a sassy woman of God
  • that God loves me more than I could ever learn to love Him

Truth Thursdays exists to connect people through writing.  To initiate something honest, thoughtful, and meaningful.  Truth Thursdays is an open discussion of expressions. There are no right or wrong responses, Truth Thursdays are just what they are.


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