sick days, soup, and massages


I was supposed to be attending a prayer meeting tonight. Instead I stayed in, ate a bowl of minestrone soup and 2 slices of buttered wheat toast and prayed my head wouldn’t explode. Now I’m waiting for the masseuse to show up and knead the crap out of this fever. I hate being sick. Especially since I live on my own. Don’t get me wrong, I love living on my own. I get to set my own rules and I don’t have to wash dishes immediately or make the bed everyday. But I also don’t get the benefit of having someone baby me while my nose is gushing a waterfall of snot or while I unwillingly hack up a lung (I know, I know I paint a pretty picture).

*sigh* tonight my loneliness raises it’s voice above the whisper I usually ignore. I guess I’ll drown it out with more soup.


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